The Work

our main goal


Faith International Partners exists to mobilize national church-planting pastors in the 10/40 window and beyond to preach the Gospel, plant churches, and disciple their own people.
Many Americans have been wary of helping support nationals because they fear misuse or abuse of donated funds. Faith International Partners exists to be that accountability link between your gifts and the national pastors’ ministries on the foreign field.

National Church Planter Accountability


Recommendations for applications for assistance are only accepted through a trusted source, such as a western missionary, a mission board, or a currently assisted national pastor who has a long term, personal relationship with the pastor being recommended.


Completed applications will be used to help evaluate their doctrine, training, ministry experience, work ethic, and family situation.


Written accountability comes in the form of quarterly ministry reports sent to the sponsor.


Accountability trips are made regularly by Faith International Partners’ staff to encourage preachers and verify their ministry.
Why Nationals?

Advantages of training Nationals

Nationals can reach more people at a faster rate than we ever could on our own.

Advantages of using national church planters

Advantage of Language
It takes years for an American to effectively learn the language of another country. The national pastor has grown up speaking that language, and he is often able to speak several local dialects as well.

Advantage of Culture
The greatest cause of defeat listed by western missionaries is “inability to adapt to the culture.” The national pastor will not experience culture shock, and he is also trusted by his own people.

Advantage of Time
It takes an American missionary more than three years to raise his support for the field. The National church-planter is already on the field and serving, though on a limited basis due to the responsibility of providing for his own family. He is ready to go full-time immediately upon acquisition of his partnership by Faith International Partners.
Advantage of Citizenship
Many nations do not allow traditional American missionaries to enter, but the national church planter has the privilege of citizenship.

Advantage of Economics
Faith International Partners complements the work of our American missionaries by raising support for the men they have reached with the gospel and trained for ministry. It is not our purpose to raise their standard of living, but to replace their source of income so they can minister full time to their own people. Therefore, we can support 40-55 national church planters for the same amount of funds required for each American missionary.

Advantage of Furlough
The average, Western missionary will spend at least 20% of their time (one year in five) reporting to their sending churches. The Indigenous church-planting preacher is held accountable on the field by both National Director and American FIP representatives allowing him to spend 100% of his time in local ministry, outreach evangelism, discipleship, and church-planting efforts.